Where am I (genealogically speaking)?

Like most people I started with my parents’ names, viz PLANK & BARTON.  With both lines I came to a halt in the early 1800s which is where I stayed for many years.  But I have now been able to take my BARTONs back into the 18th century.  The following shows where I have got to with my main lines of research:


My stumbling block here is George PLANK who appears to have been born at Stoke (now part of Guildford) in about 1815.   Unfortunately I cannot find any record of his baptism or any marriage of his presumed father (Isaac PLANK).  But more on this in My PLANKs. If the link to Isaac can be proved then it is possible that I can go back another century to the 1705 marriage of Stephen PLANK to Elizabeth FAIRFAX at Stepney in the East End of London.  This could also bring in the possibility of a Huguenot connection.


I have got back to a Thomas BARTON marrying Mary HASELL in 1790 at Heathfield in Sussex.  Thomas & Mary had 13 children of which 12 reached adulthood.  What is unusual about their children is that 3 were baptised at the Heathfield Independent Chapel, 5 were baptised in the Parish Church and 5 (including my ancestor, Benjamin BARTON) do not appear to have been baptised.  I have yet to find the baptism of Thomas but there are possible connections with Mayfield and/or Waldron.


This is the name of my maternal Grandmother.  As an added bonus it is a Sussex name (unlike PLANK & BARTON) and comparatively rare (see Distribution of FOGDENs).  I have got back to a John FOGDEN who married Elizabeth WILLERDE in 1604.  Prior to the migration of Henry FOGDEN and his family to Brighton in the early 1800s all my Fogden ancestors lived in villages near Chichester. Most of the men farmed the land (I have yet to find any agricultural labourers!).  There is a lot more in My FOGDENs.


This name comes into my ancestry through the marriage of William Richard LINTOTT to Edith Emma BARTON (one of my mother’s sisters) at Brighton in 1940.  Like my FOGDEN & WADEY ancestry this is very much a Sussex name.  I have traced William’s ancestry back, via Petworth, to a Richard LINTOTT who married Mary ROGERS at Horsham in 1681.  There is a lot more in My LINTOTTs.


Although my MIDDLEBROOK ancestry appears to be in and around the East End of London I am interested in this name because (i) it is not common (appearing to be on a par with PLANK & WADEY) and (ii) the MIDDLEBROOK heartland is Yorkshire.  In my case this is the name of one of my paternal great-grandmothers.  So far I have got back to the marriage of Jacob MIDDLEBROOK, a widower, to Ann PRYER at Finsbury (just outside the City of London) in 1825.  Are the MIDDLEBROOKs of the London area connected to those in the north of England or is it a separate branch?  There is a lot more in My MIDDLEBROOKs.


This name comes into my ancestry through the marriage of Maria WADEY to the George PLANK mentioned above.  They married at Brighton (where I was born) in 1843.  I have got no further back than the marriage of her father, Richard WADEY, to Elizabeth WAKELING at Lewes in 1799.  His baptism has not been forthcoming despite stating in the 1851 Census that he was born at Steyning.  However he might be the illegitimate son of Elizabeth WADEY who was baptised at Warminghurst (near Steyning) in 1778.  There is more in My WADEYs.  Like FOGDEN this is very much a Sussex name.

My maternal ancestry

This starts in Sussex (Brighton) with my mother, Kate Dorothy BARTON, but just two generations earlier this line is in Somerset.  I have got back to the middle of the 18th century and am still in Somerset in the area of Frome near the Wiltshire border.  There is more information to be found on the My maternal ancestry page.

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