Death certificates are looked upon, by some researchers, as the poor relation of the certificate world.  Admittedly they do not contain as much genealogical information as birth or marriage certificates but they come into their own when they contain the word 'Inquest'.  This can lead to Coroners' records or the local newspapers as inquests were invariably recorded in the latter,

Here are the details of the inquests that I have found in local (Brighton) newspapers.  These reports can also be found at the appropriate points on this site.  The amount of copy varies from a paragraph to major articles in several newspapers.

Isaac BARTON 1856 Died of a 'rupture of vessel in the heart'.  Aged 40.
William LINTOTT 1857 Suicide by cutting his throat.  Aged 33.
Elizabeth BARTON 1866 Suffocated as a result of earth giving way under her.  Aged 61.
Robert BARTON 1880 Hit by a fishing boat's mooring chain.  Aged 27.
Maria PLANK 1892 Died of heart disease.  Aged 73.
Richard LINTOTT 1899 Suicide by hanging.   Aged 63 (the younger brother of William above).
Albert Edward PLANK 1912 Died of coal gas poisoning.   Aged 24.  The following were published in the Sussex Family Historian:
Initial inquest & funeral
Conclusion of inquest
Vera PLANK 1932 Died after being knocked down by a motor-lorry.  Aged 11.