My FOGDEN Ancestry 

Distribution of FOGDENs

The information here has come from analysis of the IGI and the 1881 Census.  This was made possible by using Steven Archer's LDS Companion & GenMap software. 

Sussex is the heartland of the FOGDENs with 78% of the IGI entries here.  Even in 1881 it accounted for 38% of the 254 FOGDENs. Not surprisingly My FOGDENs come from Sussex.   This is NOT a common name.

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Distribution of FOGDENs pre 1750 (IGI)

Distribution of FOGDENs 1750-1850 (IGI)

Distribution of FOGDENs 1881 Census

Pre 1750 (IGI) 1750-1850 (IGI) 1881 Census