The Brighton connection (post the early 1800s)

Edmund FOGDEN (1829-1918) was my great-great-grandfather.

He married Emily EVANS on 1st August 1852 at Brighton.  Emily was born in the village of Framfield in 1830.  They had two children before she died in 1866, aged 36 - Emma Jane who only lived for 3 months and my great-grandfather William Edward FOGDEN.  Edmund was variously described as a labourer, boatman & mariner.

In 1847, at the age of 18, Edmund joined the Merchant Navy.  He was a Boy 1st Class.  His ticket describes his height as 5ft 3in, Hair black, Complexion dark, Eyes hazel and with no marks.  He could write.  Edmund left the service soon after his marriage in 1852 as by 1854 he was a labourer.

After Emily died in 1866 he married Lucy OLDING on 11th October 1870 at Brighton.  Lucy was about 18 years younger than Edmund and had come to Brighton from Somerset.  Edmund had 4 children by Lucy, who died in 1892:

Blanch Elizabeth FOGDEN
Blanch was born on 1st October 1871 at Brighton.  She married Edward Charles ANDREWS at Brighton Register Office on 12th November 1890.
Lucy Kate Mary FOGDEN
Lucy was born on 7th September 1874 at Brighton.  She married Henry TROTT at Brighton Register Office on 22nd April 1895.
Sarah Louise Maud FOGDEN
Sarah was born on 17th March 1878 at Brighton.  She died suddenly, of an embolism (blood clot), while on a visit with her mother to Somerset (presumably to see her grandparents).
Mabel Annie Ellen FOGDEN
Mabel was born on 12th December 1880 at Brighton.  I know nothing more about her.

Like his brother Henry he outlived his wives by quite a bit - in his case by 26 years.  Edmund died in 1918 (aged 90).   On his death certificate he is described as 'Formerly Old Chain Pier attendant' which tallies with a family story that he was the last person to leave the Chain Pier before it was destroyed in a storm at about 10pm on 4th December 1896.


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