My LINTOTT Ancestry 

Distribution of LINTOTTs

The information here has come from analysis of the IGI, the 1881 Census and the Sussex Marriage Index.  The maps are provided by Steven Archer (British Surname Atlas for the 1881 Census) and the Sussex Family History Group (Sussex Marriage Index).

The LINTOTT heartland is Sussex where My LINTOTTs come from.  Even though Sussex is not well covered by the IGI it accounts for 59% of the 2000+ events recorded there.  This is not a common name, even in Sussex, as the 1881 Census only has 463 people with this name (plus 26 LINTOTs).

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Sussex marriages to 1837

1881 census (LINTOTT)

1881 Census (LINTOT)

Sussex marriages 1881 Census (LINTOTT) 1881 Census (LINTOT)