The following is a report of the inquest into Richard LINTOTT's death. 

The Brighton Gazette Saturday 8th April 1899


Richard Lintott, landlord of the Sawyer’s Arms, Upper Bedford Street, committed suicide by hanging himself in his bedroom on Wednesday morning.  An inquest was held by the Borough Coroner (Mr J.E. Bush) at the Freshfield Road Police Station on Thursday evening.

Sarah Lintott
, the widow, said deceased was 63 years of age.  He was a painter by trade.  For some years past he had been suffering from bronchitis and asthma.  About six o’clock on Wednesday morning witness got up, and afterwards took some tea to him in bed.  He, however, said he did not require it and as he was not quite well, she left him in bed.  A little later she heard him moving about in his room, and at one o’clock, as he did not come down stairs, she went up to him.  She found the bedroom door locked.  She then moved the partition which separated the bedroom from another room and found him hanging by the neck.  She went for a neighbour and a doctor was sent for.  Her husband had got very low spirited lately.   He had been attended by Dr Ross.  He was in no trouble and she had never heard him threaten to take his life.  Deceased’s brother committed suicide some years ago.

PC G Hibbs stated that he was called to the Sawyer’s Arms at one pm on Wednesday, and found the man hanging in his bedroom.  He cut the body down with the assistance of another constable.  Deceased was then dead and stiff.

Mr Walter J Rowland, of 7, St Georges Road, surgeon, said when he arrived at the house deceased appeared to have been dead about 3 hours.  Death was due to strangulation.

In reply to a juryman, Mr Rowland said he thought deceased’s fancy that he would not get well might have preyed on his mind.

A verdict of “Suicide whilst temporarily insane” was returned.