Why am I interested in Middlebrooks?

The answer lies with my grandmother, Sarah Ann STEWART (1883-1973).  All my PLANK relatives came from Sussex and in particular Brighton.  But Sarah, although spending most of her life in Brighton, came from Stepney in the East End of London.  Her mother, my great-grandmother, was Elizabeth MIDDLEBROOK.

In the early 19th century there were three MIDDLEBROOK families living in or near the East End of London:

  At Spitalfields  -  Jacob (c1774-1841) & Ann (c1798-1877)

  At Spitalfields  -  Thomas (c1781-1841) & Sarah (?-1843)

  At Old Street  -  Robert (c1794-1837) & Mary (c1791-1872)

Jacob, Thomas & Robert all appear to have been born in the final quarter of the 18th century and died before the 1841 census took place.  Now the question is 'Were they related?'  Could they have been brothers?  There were very few MIDDLEBROOK families in Middlesex - the only other family group was in St Pancras but the Head, John, came from Hertfordshire.  At the moment there appears to be a connection between Jacob and Thomas.  When Jacob's daughter Ann MIDDLEBROOK got married in 1846 one of the witnesses was a Samuel MIDDLEBROOK.  Ann had a younger brother, Samuel, who would have been 11 when the marriage took place - so an unlikely witness.  The only other Samuel I have been able to find was one of the sons of Thomas & Sarah (who was 21).

I am descended from the first of the above three families, Jacob & Ann, which is as far back as I have been able to get so far:

Jacob MIDDLEBROOK (c1774-1841)

Jacob MIDDLEBROOK (1829-1902)  Jacob's son