My WADEY Ancestry 

Distribution of WADEYs

The information here has come from analysis of the IGI and the 1881 Census.  This was made possible by using Steven Archer's LDS Companion & GenMap software. 

From the IGI there were three main concentrations of WADEYs.  In order these were Sussex, followed by Yorkshire and then  Midlothian (Scotland).  But by the time of the 1881 Census the WADEY heartland is clearly Sussex with 44% of the 754 WADEYs.  This is where My WADEYs come from.

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Distribution of WADEYs pre 1750 (IGI)

Distribution of WADEYs 1750-1850 (IGI)

Distribution of WADEYs 1881 Census

Pre 1750 (IGI) 1750-1850 (IGI) 1881 Census