My WADEY Ancestry 


Why am I interested in Wadeys?

Maria WADEY was my great-great-grandmother.   As can be seen from my PLANK ancestry a very pregnant Maria WADEY married George PLANK, my direct ancestor, at Brighton in 1843.   Maria was 26 years old and had already given birth to an illegitimate daughter, Winifred, at Brighton three years earlier.  The father was almost certainly George even though Winifred’s birth certificate named the father as John PLANK.

Maria WADEY's ancestry

Newhaven, where Maria was born, must have seemed a backwater compared to Brighton just 9 miles along the coast.  The 1831 census showed that the population of Newhaven was 904 whereas that of Brighton was 40,634.  Like many others (including my PLANK, BARTON & FOGDEN ancestors) she must have been attracted by Brighton’s growing fame but Maria did not have an easy life.  Her marriage broke down (in fact it might always have been a bit rocky) and her only claim to fame (?) was when the inquest into her death was reported in the local newspapers.

So what do I know about her life: