My WADEY Ancestry 


Maria WADEY's ancestry

The WADEY name comes primarily from Sussex and I have no reason to doubt that Maria's ancestry is here.

Although Maria and her siblings were born and brought up in Newhaven there is no history of WADEYs in this part of Sussex.  As with my FOGDEN ancestry the WADEY heartland was in the west of the county and I am sure this is where her ancestry lies.

So what do I know?  Her father was Richard WADEY, a carpenter journeyman, who was born around 1776.  The 1841 & 1851 censuses confirm that he was born in Sussex.  In the 1851 census his birthplace appears to be Steyning but a search of the registers for Steyning and adjacent parishes failed to find his baptism.  However, according to the Baptism Index of the Sussex Family History Group (SFHG), there is only one baptism of a Richard between 1760 and 1790.  This Richard was baptised privately at Warminghurst on 1 Mar 1778, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth WADEY.  This was recorded in the register of St Mary, West Chiltington.   Warminghurst is only 5 miles NW of Steyning.   Again according to the SFHG the only possible baptism of an Elizabeth WADEY was in 1752 at St Mary, Petworth.  Her father was Richard but the mother is not named.  Apart from her son and (possible) father there are no other Richard WADEYs mentioned in the Baptism Index during the 18th C and there are no marriages of a Richard WADEY in the Marriage Index.

At the moment it is not known if Elizabeth married after Richard's baptism.  But St Mary, West Chiltington (where the baptism of Richard was recorded), has the burial of an Elizabeth WADEY on 17 Jan 1828 (aged 76).

Whatever his origins Richard made his way into what is now East Sussex where he married Elizabeth WAKELING at Lewes (St John sub Castro) on 7th August 1799.  This was her parish.  He was of Lewes St Michael.  Within the next few years they moved to Newhaven at the mouth of the River Ouse.  This is their family:

Elizabeth WADEY
Elizabeth's baptism does not appear in the Newhaven registers but as census returns state that she was born at Piddinghoe (a village to the north of Newhaven) perhaps it will be found there.  However on 10th June 1822 she married William PAINE/PAYNE (of Westmeston) at Newhaven. They had one daughter, Mary PAYNE, before William died.  I have not found his death or burial yet.  Then on 4th August 1828 Elizabeth married Philip HENTY at Newhaven.  Philip was an agricultural labourer.  They had 5 children in the next 11 years.  They lived in or near Newhaven for the rest of their lives.  Philip died in 1864, six years before Elizabeth.
John was born on 9th August 1802 at Denton (just outside Newhaven).  He married Sarah ROGERS (a widow) on 28th November 1825 at Brighton.   She had a son, Alfred, who was born in 1822.  I do not know if John & Sarah had any children.  He appears to have been a carpenter like his father.  Sarah died in 1849, aged 53, but within a year John had remarried.  His new wife was Sarah PIERCE who he married on 5th October 1850 at Newhaven.  She was a spinster and was only a year younger than her husband.
Winifred WADEY
Winifred was baptised at Newhaven on 2nd March 1806.  She married Edmund HAMMOND, a whitesmith (ie tinsmith), on 29th September 1822 at Brighton.  Although she did not marry in her home town of Newhaven they initially settled there.  But some years later Winifred and Edmund moved to Arundel in the west of the county.  Was this because of work?   They had 5 children - two born at Newhaven and three at Arundel.  Edmund was ten years older than Winifred and died in 1867.   She spent her latter years with her son Edmund Henry HAMMOND and his family.
William WADEY
William was baptised at Newhaven on 1st August 1808.  Like his father and elder brother he also appears to have been a carpenter. He married Sarah KEMP on 1st May 1842 at Preston (now part of Brighton).  I have not come across any children.  Sarah died in 1856 at the age of 43.  William died aged 77 in 1885.
Richard WADEY
Richard was baptised on 12th October 1811 at Newhaven.  He was buried at Newhaven on 23rd December 1822 at the age of 11.  He died of smallpox.
James was baptised on 25th June 1815 at Newhaven.   I know nothing more about him.
Maria was my great-great-grandmother.   She was born on 27th April 1817 at Newhaven.  Interestingly she was not baptised until 5th December 1819.

None of the sons of Richard & Elizabeth appear to have had any sons.  So did this branch of the WADEYs die out?