My PLANK Ancestry


The first connection details what I know about my Planks:

The Brighton connection (post 1830s)

My Plank ancestry hits a brick wall with George who arrived at Brighton in the 1830s.  There is no baptism for him.  The only clue to his parentage lies with his marriage certificate which states that his father was Isaac PLANK, a weaver.  Depending on the record used his date of birth varies between 1807 and 1821 but the place of birth is always Stoke (now part of Guildford) in Surrey.  Also arriving in Brighton at the same time as George is Elizabeth PLANK.  She was the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth PLANK (nee YOUNG), born at Haslemere in Surrey about 1814.  Her mother was the widow of Jacob PLANK. Jacob was one of eight children of Isaac & Margaret PLANK who had moved from the East End of London to Surrey.  They were weavers.  One of Jacob's brothers was Isaac..

So who was George PLANK?

1  Was he the son of Isaac PLANK, one of Isaac & Margaret's children?  Unfortunately, apart from his birth, nothing is known about Isaac.  If this can be proved then my PLANKs were almost certainly Huguenots.

2  Was he the illegitimate son of Jacob PLANK's widow, Elizabeth?  Her illegitimate daughter, also Elizabeth, who also travelled to Brighton, was baptised.  But George was not.

3  Was he the illegitimate son of Margaret PLANK, Isaac & Margaret's daughter?  If so did Isaac, the grandfather, become the father figure?

I find it hard to believe that George & Elizabeth did NOT travel to Brighton together and that they are not related in some way.

If George PLANK was the son of Isaac then the following take the story of my Planks much further.  But until I know who George was there is no point in continuing this research.

The Middlesex connection (pre 1800)  (?)

The Surrey & Somerset connection (post 1800)  (?)