Distribution of PLANKs 1881 Census

Map showing the distribution in Scotland.

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Each red dot represents a place where one or more PLANKs were recorded in the census.

There are 128 places where PLANKs are recorded.  The outposts, at opposite ends of the British Isles, are the Channel Islands (12) and the Orkneys (8) & Caithness (1) in Scotland.  There is also a sizeable grouping of 24 in Edinburgh.

Wiltshire is still the PLANK heartland with 205 of the 556 recorded (37% of the total).  As with the IGI the only other sizeable concentrations are London & Middlesex (79) and Surrey (49) although Hampshire, Lancashire & Somerset (in England) and Edinburgh are coming into the picture.

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PLANKs in 1881 Census (England & wales)