Some old photographs

These were probably taken at various times in the 1920s.  Click on the photograph for a larger image.

Photo of John PLANK John PLANK (1843-1933)
Photo of Mary Ann PLANK Mary Ann PLANK, nee CLARK (c1856-1936) & Sarah Ann PLANK, nee STEWART (1883-1973).

Sarah was one of John & Mary Ann's daughters-in-law, having married George PLANK.

Photo of John & Mary Ann PLANK Various family members.  In the back row, from left to right, are Alfred John FITCH, Arthur PLANK, Sarah Ann PLANK & Emma Maria FITCH.  In the front row are John & Mary Ann PLANK.

Emma Maria FITCH, nee CLARK (1875-1951), was a younger sister of Mary Ann.  Alfred was her husband.   Arthur PLANK (1892-1940) was one of John & Mary Ann's sons.


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